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Carlos Santana hit a two run homer in the ninth regarding Indians

Wednesday's ball recap

Gta(AP) _ Russell Martin hit a three run homer, Marcus Stroman pitched seven strong innings to win his third straight start and nowhere Jays beat the Yankees, Providing their AL East lead to 3 1/2 games.

Martin, Who would always play for the Yankees, Relevant off Andrew Bailey in the seventh. Martin matched his career high for homers with 21 as Toronto took two of three from New York in a showdown between division's top teams.


Mullet 2009

Ten Reason that the Minnesota Vikings Jared Allen Mullet will win the Super Bowl

Jared Allen

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Jared Allen
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Jared Allen Mullet is associated with Childhood Diabetes ( Great Cause to get behind) because it shows Jared Allen Mullet cares for the children. Mr. Allen is a Champion in my eyes because off the field he helps out in ways a true leader should: by example!

Jared Allen Mullet is like " Samson" from the Bible with a Twist.
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Jared Allen Mullet is like a great lead in for Interviews. I don know but I would have to guess that Jared
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Jared Allen singlehandedly has made the Mullet a Conversation Piece. How many other players
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Jared Allen Mullet is going to be Roping Cows when he retires to the Rodeo. When Jared retires, he has stated that he wants to
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Jared Allen Mullet DESERVES to win the Super Bowl because " Heaven" doesn want it any other way. I have it on file from a Reputable Source Upstairs
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Now if I have offended anyone, you are probably a Steeler Fan, Terry Bradshaw, Jerome Bettis, or Brett Favre or a Packer Fan. At any rate, See you on the Other Side! Go Vikings! Go Jared Allen!

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Cosa sta accadendo in Italia dopo la sentenza della Cassazione su Berlusconi?

1  In Europa, dal 1945, non era mai accaduto che il capo incontrastato di uno dei due principali schieramenti – che negli ultimi vent’anni si sono alternati al governo e che oggi governano in una grande coalizione – venisse spedito in galera, o agli arresti domiciliari che, dal punto di vista giuridico, è poi la stessa cosa. Per cercare dei precedenti bisogna andare a frugare tra i regimi autoritari: la Spagna di Franco, il Portogallo di Salazar, la Grecia dei Colonnelli, i paesi dell’Est comunista. È possibile qualche paragone italiano, durante la stagione di “mani Pulite” di vent’anni fa. Non solo Craxi. Anche Andreotti e tutti i leader dei partiti democratici che si opponevano al Partito comunista italiano, l’unica forza politica risparmiata dall’azione della magistratura. Leggi il resto di questo articolo »


Cosa dice Silvio Berlusconi


Pubblichiamo l’articolo tratto da Il Giornale di lunedì 15 maggio 2013 in merito al colloquio intercorso tra il presidente Silvio Berlusconi e Paolo Guzzanti.

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